Latin for To play someone badly Genau das ist das Ziel von Staaten, Cyberkriminellen und möglicherweise Wettbewerbern. Deutor? ... is a network of cybersecurity experts from the fields of organization, technology, intelligence and law enforcement. Deutor? ... advises states, authorities and companies, from global corporations to medium-sized companies, on all questions of cybersecurity. Deutor? ... because cyber security is not just IT security Deutor!

Our Services

  • Many years of experience in dealing with cyber risks and in the development of cyber strategies
  • Extensive global network of cybersecurity experts from the fields of organization and technology
  • Comprehensive approach with technical and non-technical solutions (Cyber ​​Oriented Architecture)
  • Working closely with law enforcement and intelligence agencies
  • View of the entire cycle of a cyber attack from prevention to reaction to stabilization

This enables the definition and introduction of customized and individual security solutions

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The method of the training, will be a real-life strategic simulation exercise, based on a specific and custom made scenario. The scenario is built to include escalating ripple effects, which are designed to raise crucial questions with regard to cyber risks in a company and force management to take decisions and implement measures under time pressure to avoid a company wide crisis. The simulation exercise is highly interactive and engages all participants actively. It is designed to push the participants to take important strategic and operational decisions. The scenario is tailored to fit the specific roles and duties of managers. Customer-specific wishes can be considered at any time. At the end of the seminar you will be able to assess the overall threat situation, (see Geopolitical Cyber Assessment), company relevant vulnerabilities and judge which strategic, organizational, personal and physical measures are needed to handle a cyber attack with as little as possible collateral damage and long term implications. You will also understand and know what is needed to develop and implement a cyber strategy for your company. The importance at this point is not to understand the technical complexity, but rather the entire process behind the attack and the modus operandi of the attackers. It is also important to know which methods are used to limit damage incurred and know who can help in which situation. Often it is the case that the victim does not only not know how to handle the crisis, but he also does not know who to turn to for help (see Cyber Coordination and Emergency Centre, CCEC).

Developing a Cyber Strategy in 4 steps.

In the last few years there has been a substantial development in the frequency and professionalization of cyber attacks, especially cyber crime, cyber hacktivism, cyber espionage and cyber sabotage. The consequences of these attacks have been quite devastating for states and companies alike. Illegal activities using the dark and deep web are also on the rise in such a way that the innovation from the IT industry cannot hold pace and we are constantly lagging. Considering this changed threat landscape, states and enterprises have an obligation to increase their cyber security to meet this emerging threat. The Cyber world is manifold and multifaceted and therefore our response must be as well. A Cyber attack is not simply an IT problem, but often involves clever social engineering techniques using IT to reach the desired goal. The first step into a safer and trustworthy future is to develop a company specific Cyber Strategy. read more

It is imperative for every company to know what the global environment is and what its position is to assess who the enemy could be. In short, who you are, will determine who your enemy is. In order to know who you are, you need to know what the overall geostrategic picture is, assess the company, its market position and customers, its products and suppliers, innovations and what competitive advantage arises from them. It is also vital to understand the difference between the so called mass phenomena, such as (Ransomware and DDoS attacks), which are financially motivated and the individual phenomena (Advanced Persistent Threats), which are politically, economically, militarily motivated and evaluate which of the two could affect your company and why. read more

Cyber security is also a challenge for technology companies. Complex customer architectures, new laws and regulations and the ever increasing sophistication and professionalization of Cyber criminals, who constantly find new means and ways to attack Government structures, critical infrastructures and companies mean that IT providers have to stay on top of the game and face new tasks and obligations. IT providers have to ask themselves basic questions with regard to their products, services and customer environment and whether they are in need of adjustment to fit the new Cyber challenge. The questions can only be answered, if Cyber security is a intrinsic part oft he Company structure. read more

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